Lives Changed


"You folks are doing some of the most important work that the world needs.”


"There is one particular attribute of myself that has really been strengthened from this challenge and it is gratitude. When we stop caring only for ourselves and stop complaining, our eyes are opened to the needs of others that we can satisfy, making this world the place that we all wished it was"

Phoenix, AZ

"My certificate will now be hanging right next to my diplomas. I’m just as proud of the 21 day challenge as I am my degrees. Thank you."

Galva, Il

"My biggest complaint in the last few years is that we have become a society of victims and this has led to a lot of suffering and hatred. Your goal really hits the nail on the head and I believe that it will have a truly marvelous effect on the world. I believe you will reach and surpass the goal of 60,000,000 complaint free human beings. The effects of this will be resounding."


"Thank you. Words cannot adequately convey my gratitude to your organization for making this world a better place"

Boston, MA

"Participating in this challenge made me aware of how easily and often negativity pierces the innocent ears of my children and the teaching that is taking place of how to communicate with others. There was immediate action that needed to take place, a new way of persuasion and communication with others, especially with my children. When this change started, my children became happier and more willing to help and participate with the chores and daily tasks. We were finally having fun again."

Phoenix, AZ

"I finished reading the book one week ago, and I started my personal challenge. It has been fantastic! In a few days everything is going so good and right. I just wanna say: Thank you so much for the light in my live!"

Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Yesterday was my 21st consecutive day with no complaining, gossiping which is very hard when you have 3 teenage daughters), or criticizing. This is my third time trying this and I'm proud of myself for being successful. My kids made me a small cake to celebrate the occasion with me. As I write this on day 22, I feel good about myself for making the change.

Even though I work in a correctional facility and inmates can be very hard on us, I've managed to ignore the comments, attitudes and objects being thrown at me. I have grown up and matured into a different adult...One who no longer needs to complain."

Bronx, NY

"This was not just about stopping complaining; it’s about turning the complaints into gratitude for the blessings that I have. I see the good instead of only seeing things to complain about."
Kansas City, MO

"Since I learned to live a life without complaining, I no longer have migraines."
Kansas City, MO

"This exercise in becoming Complaint Free has strengthened my optimistic outlook on life. I am more aware how negative thinking hinders my ability to be at peace with myself and others."
-R. S.
Kansas City, MO

" In Mostar, we are "famous" because of war. And my goal is that my family and I will live without complaining. We are trying to live like normal people from all around the world and be happy for every new day. We try to smile because we have many fine years in our lives. '

When we can eradicate complaining from our lives, we truly become happier, ' As you said on Oprah, 'If you're not articulating your complaints, your complaint has nowhere to go so your mind stops creating complaints. ' We really love this sentence and we try to do and live just like you said, without complaining. "

Z.R. and family
Mostar, Bosnia/Herzegovina

Wearing Complaint Free Purple Bracelets

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