Complaint Free Schools

Imagine a classroom where the students cooperate and positively support one another.

Imagine a student who truly believes that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to doing.The 5 Reasons People Complain

Imagine students who live with integrity and a sincere desire to make the world a better place.

All of this is not only possible; it is becoming a reality in thousands of schools around the world. Thousands of schools have downloaded our free curriculum with amazing results:

"This program has totally changed our school. The kids are more upbeat and positive. Parents approach me in the grocery store to thank me for bringing the Complaint Free concept to our community."

Robin Faulk
Signal Mountain Middle School
Signal Mountain, TN

"This has really helped our students. The world would be a better place if we’d all be given a purple bracelet when we are born."

Melissa Monte
Passaic Valley High School
Little Falls, NJ

"We’re just two weeks into this program and are amazed by the results. Kids are sharing like never before and are feeling positive and dynamic. Some of the parents are owning up to the fact that they, themselves, complain and have asked their kids to bring the purple bracelets home."

Julie Simms
Overton Elementary School
Overton, TX

"The girls in the leadership program are so excited about these bracelets that they want me to give some to their parents and other people they know. I see these girls changing as a result of simply not complaining"

Acevedo Enissa
Edward R. Byrne School MS 101
Bronx, NY

This curriculum works great with students from kindergarten through 12th grade and it has been used by thousands and thousands of schools around the world.

The curriculum is 100% free. Click to download

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