Complaint Free Organizations

“The quality of an organization can never exceed
the quality of the minds that make it up.”

- Harold R. McAlindon

Negativity in an organization spreads like weeds in a garden choking the life out of any potential that may exist.

For an organization to flourish, leadership must help the people in the organization begin to focus on opportunities rather than problems. From a small civic group to a worldwide corporation, Complaint Free organizations are more successful and are a better place to work.

The 5 Reasons People Complain

Will Bowen, the Founder of A Complaint Free World, has spoken to tens of thousands of people from Fortune 20 companies and major automakers all the way to small real estate offices. The bottom line is that organizations who adopt the Complaint Free program can enjoy:

  • Greater creativity
  • Higher profits
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Less turnover

Complaint Free Organizations is a FREE step-by-step program designed to help you transform your organization and create positive results.

For information about having Will Bowen provide a powerful and inspiring keynote for your conference, convention, team building event, leadership program or other get together, email or call 816.606.3668.

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