Complaint Free Hair Salon

We received this email yesterday and it’s wonderful…

Success Story

Salon on Kirby, Houston, TX –

“I can pretty much guarantee that almost every salon across this planet is known for the employee break room, as the den of inequity. It is the spot where they gather and complain, complain, complain.

On New Years Eve 2007, I went up to the salon and painted the break room purple and stenciled “A Complaint Free World” on the wall. As each employee arrived on January 2nd I gave them the CD, book and bracelet. I told them to listen, read what they could and showed them the chart I made with everyone’s name on it and counting the 21 days. I then let them know there would be a reward for everyone that finished the 21 days.

The first week was fun for everyone. The second week I panicked! By Wednesday three people quit, saying. “If you are not going to confront the problems in the salon then we don’t not want to work here any more”, I held the door open as I escorted them out. I spent some in prayer and meditation that night, making sure I was doing the right thing. The 3 that quit were my 3 biggest complainers. The response from the rest of the staff was “Thank God their gone, they were always so negative”. I have since replaced the 3 that left. The interview process always begins in the break room, showing off the wall and telling them this is a Complaint Free salon. The 3 new replacements produce twice the income as the ones that left.

The first one to the 21 days came about 4 months into it. As if things had not improved enough already and the feeling in the salon was great, when everyone found out that upon completing the 21 days, they would receive 100% of their commission for their total revenue of that week, they worked really hard. I believed so much in this transformation that the return more than outweighed the cost.

Well, it’s been over a year now and everyone made it to the finish line. Every now and then I see a few people wearing their bracelets; they inform me they needed a reminder. I get pulled aside by customers all the time telling me how much they love the energy in the salon, that while it’s a beautiful salon, it’s the people that work here that make it really beautiful.

Your energy that has been put into this I know is spreading across the planet. I know its spreading across Houston. We service over 800 people a week that are recipients of your positive energy. I thank you from my heart for transforming my life, my salon, and all that we touch.”

Alden Clark, Owner, SOK

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